Would you like to become an international ambassador for SOL in your country? Discover what it means to talk about ownership and apply further below:
The game 'We Own The School' has as objective to start a conversation about ownership of learning. Students and teachers who experience ownership tend to learn and teach with more motivation. More ownership of learning creates more focus on metacognition.

However, the interpretation of ownership of learning differs from country to country; from culture to culture. Therefore, the ambition of SOL is not only to stimulate the hereboven explained engagement within the Netherlands, but is also transcultural, meaning that the game should be accessible to other countries as ownership is something that belongs to us all. Each country has their own cultural and societal values. Being a native, and therefore an experience expert, you know best about how this reflects within your cultural frame.

As the game is primarily a tool to initiate a transparent and mutual conversation about what it means for you to experience ownership within a school context, we take in account that the definition of ownership is arbitrary and is a priori a multi-layered one. Ownership is etymological a word with ango-saxon roots and is for this matter difficult to translate, for example, in roman languages. Nonetheless our game is already available in several languages, namely French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Norwegian and Dutch.

Becoming an ambassador for SOL means being engaged in your local and national education tendencies. As an ambassador you conduct, amongst other things, acquisitions and game sessions. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, contact us at