The game

SOL foundation developed a board-game that encourages the player to articulate the culture of their school and their idea about what is the most desired culture for the future of their school. The game is played with all participants of the school community. The game generates data that can be used to define the direction of the school development.
With the board game dubbed ‘We own the school’ you discuss ownership of learning with students, teachers and school leaders. The aim of this game is to start a conversation about 'ownership of learning' and how the school can promote that. After all, students and teachers are more motivated if they experience ownership. The game is therefore instrumental in initiating and increasing ownership within the school, thereby increasing learning performance.

The game is played at the table by six participants. This can be students, teachers or other employees. The game consists of a part that is about the "here and now" of the school and a part that is about the future. What change do the participants want to see in the school? The conversation that arises is about practical daily matters in the classroom or in the school.
There are three types of cards that can be played. There are cards with student statements, teacher statements and organization statements. You can choose to let each group in the school play separately, but you can also choose to mix students, teachers and other staff.
At the end of the game, the different tables will share with each other what their game has yielded.
The game uses a taxonomy of schools It concerns six different types of school culture. In the following video, that taxonomy is explained.

The proceeds of the game are collected, analysed, and reported. The schools then receive a data overview from SOL that graphically shows the typology of the school. The data can be used to make new policies, as input for a school plan or to initiate changes with a project group. You can order the game through our store.